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The following three links will each direct a Microsoft Word file to pop-up in a separate window, displaying the full text of an entry level resume & cover letter. In each situation, our client initially presented us with disorganized information compounded by their own self-doubts over whether or not they had enough data to create a resume that could get ANY attention from prospective employers. As you'll see, the end result was that our team transformed their histories into job-winning career documents that brought these clients nothing but success. It is important to note, however, that NO TWO CUSTOMERS ARE ALIKE. You might not see your own circumstances reflected in these examples, but that does NOT mean that we haven't been just as successful with clients in situations similar to your own. If reviewing these 3 examples does not PROVE to you that our team can POWERFULLY transform YOUR career, then email us YOUR existing resume and we'll send you a FREE review & sample edit within just 1 business day! In other words, we'll SHOW YOU what we CAN do with YOUR resume BEFORE you hire us!

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NOTE: If your web browser is set to block "pop-up" windows, you may need to hold down the CTRL key while clicking any of the links above. If you experience any difficulties opening [or viewing] these sample resumes, please e-mail us for assistance.

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